This is a blog that contains: struggles, triumphs, crafts, recipes and stories to brighten your day and make you smile, laugh, and say well things aren't all that bad!

Bucket List

1. Win a blog contest
2. Be mistaken as a famous person -- Am I dreaming thinking Kim Kardashian? 
3. Meet/recognize/see a famous person -- check Jessica Simpson, but I would like to again
4. New England in the Fall
5. Open a bakery
6. Walk on hot coals (if that's for real) 
7. Compete in a triathlon 
8. Own (possibly buy on sale) a pair of Louboutin Shoes
9. Create a secret family recipe that will be passed down
10. Celebrate my 17th Wedding anniversary 

This was a post but I decided if I am going to add to it, it needs to have its own separate page.