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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk er Treat!

Halloween was always my favorite holiday as a kid. My mom would ask us months in advance and she would handmake our costumes. We were awesome things like Disney princesses with custom made gowns. It makes me sad when people say that Halloween is a pagan thing that Christian children shouldn't celebrate because to me Halloween was about dressing up and getting candy by the handfuls.

Our church this year asked us to do a Trunk for their Trunk 'r Treat festival. I wanted to post ideas on the blog because their weren't alot of ideas when I went looking.

Our Theme was Dr. Frankenstein's Lab! I was Dr. Frankenstein, and Mr. was my Monster.

We had lots of hidden little funny things like we put a miniature pumpkin in a cage and said we shrunk it in our lab. We also took leftover wine bottles and labeled with "Fresh Squeezed Beetlejuice" and "Poison Ivy."

We had a can of squash relish that looked kinda weird and we labeled that "Lunch 1912"

Here is a picture of Mr. and Dillinger. We should have decked her out in a costume ... next year! We took her along because we thought she would enjoy the activity, Jo Jo was jealous but he was too big!

Halloween Fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So I'm officially a housewife... in the sense that I am in desperate need of a man to bail me out of a situation!

I am getting ready to go have lunch with a friend. We have two bathrooms at our house and normally my getting ready regimen involves walking between the two because the one in the master is where I shower and the guest is where I have all my girly getting ready for the day stuff is. All the stuff Mr. doesn't tolerate making his manly bathroom cluttered. That's all well and good except when. . . I lock myself out of the guest bathroom. The knob is finicky and sometimes it just shuts and locks a freaking scary feeling when you are inside and a major inconvenience when you are outside. Mr. knows the magical gestures/incantations to make the door open but I have never paid any attention, actually most of the time I just say an expletive under my breath and wait until he gets home to fix it. But today I am in desperate need of DEODORANT and eye makeup to make up for the fact that I look like a zombie. A hair product would be nice but at this point I just want sweat protection!! aww. I put out an email for help. Too ashamed to call and have one of his co-workers hear him explaining to me how to open the door. Plan B if he doesn't answer is to take a bobby pin to the lock but I just don't want to jam it (I have had this experience with handcuffs... no S&M stuff I promise just your everyday run in with handcuffs... that is a story for another blog post. anyway) aww.... I can feel myself starting to sweat. I need deodorant *contemplates using Mr.'s what the Hell I will give plan B a try....

Presto Chango--- It worked I am in to the land of pink and purple and Chi and blush. Thank you bobby pin! I am not the desperate housewife I am MacGyver in training. Anyway gotta go ...T-32 minutes till lunch date.

Tune in next time for adventures in Cynthia land. hehe. Love you guys!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick Day

I never know when I should (rightfully) succumb to my illnesses and call in sick. The people pleaser in me just makes it two (read too) hard. But when you wake up and can hardly talk and just think well I guess I can spend the whole day studying instead of going to the office that is sick! and pathetic.

I hate staying home. The walls start to close in ... so inevitably I will leave the house which I feel is a strict violation of the sick day privileges. Also, I try to be productive, clean, do errands I need to do on a business day and then my "day of rest" turns into a more busy day than if I had just gone to work.

Also, what is the sick day supposed to accomplish. I try to think well thoughts but inevitably the virus/or bacterial in this case illness will probably just run isn't 7-10 day course (I am on day 7 today so here's to hoping 7 day course!).

What I loved was sick days when you are little and that means all day with mom being pampered and watching TV and eating liquid things... As an adult it means you are woken up by your alarm clock which you put on snooze every 10 minutes because you are in too much of a haze to turn it to dismiss, then your husband calls to see how you are and you can barely form words (this is common every day before I have had my coffee but with this sore throat I am even more indistinguishable.) Then you get up put on dress clothes and psych yourself up for another day until... All the head congestion hits and you look at the clock and realize you have snoozed one two (read too.. I'm sick give me a couple typos!) many times and you should be there now. O well change into PJ's and succumb to the beginning of a marvelous sick day. Which must begin with a blog post!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Fun!

This weekend Lindsey and Evan joined us for a weekend of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Pumpkin carving, cupcake baking, and good times all around.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teen and Pre Teen Self Esteem Help

I have become accustomed to a certain type of patient and visit. The 9-13 year old girl who is overweight. It breaks my heart because I see alot of myself in this population. I weighted more in the fifth grade then I do now. I was chubby due to the fact that my family valued school and academics more than exercise or playing sports.

It is so hard for me to watch these encounters because the girls are so self conscious and shy about their weight. I need advise: how do you broach the topic of increased exercise and being overweight with a preteen or teenager without making them feel worse about themselves.

Rangers Day!

Today at the clinic it is Ranger day in celebration of the Rangers! What a great clinic! Today for lunch Baseball food!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Babies

We have two dogs. Dillinger aka. Booger a Shi Tzu and JoJo aka, the nibbler, a Pitbull (who got his nickname as a result of countless pairs of heels lost :(. They are the old couple for sure. Both were rescue dogs and they are the loves of our life. I have heard before you have children your dogs are your children and that is the case with us. They are so spoiled.

-Jojo and Dillinger both sleep in our bedroom with us because we couldn't bear the thought of making them sleep outside or heaven forbid in the garage in their crates. Dillinger sleeps in our bed sometimes and I thought Jojo should have that option too because it would be unfair otherwise. But Mr. put his foot down. As a result Jojo is content to sleep at the foot of the bed.
-Jojo is our alarm and wake us up at all hours of the night to go see what is in the backyard (couldn't miss the action out there)
-Both get jealous when they are not the complete focus of our attention. ie. when we are studying, sitting on the couch talking.

But we love em!

We almost lost Dillinger last friday night. She got out during the first Rangers vs. Yankees game (we living literally in front of the ballpark) We searched and searched for her. I was so scared she would get run over with all the cars trying to leave in the dark after the game. Finally after hours of searching we found her and brought her home safe and sound.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks Roomie

Some people enter your life through lunch dates/roomate setups. And become lifelong pillars of your life. Through good and bad and ugly. They inspire you to be better, to be yourself, to remember your roots, to be what you want, to be happy.

I love you Roomie Thanks for thinking of me.

P.s. I will have to plan a trip up there soon so I can go to the farmer's market with you!


I saw a really hard case today in the clinic. A kid who had an incurable neurologic disorder that would leave him senile and is fatal most often by age 12. We can't do anything to stop it's progression or fix it. As if that's not bad enough the mom lost her husband in an accident weeks before she got the diagnosis.

Sad. But ... While I was sad for this family I also knew this child's life was a gift/just like my life is a gift. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life and worry and I see it as more of a chore than a gift. But last night I had a wonderful peaceful relaxing night with my husband and as I walked out of that room with that family I decided I wanted to live every night like I did last night. So I would have no regrets. We don't know how long we get on this earth, and I don't know how long I will have my husband (hopefully many long years) but I am not guaranteed that and I am going to try and remember that life is a precious gift.