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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Labor and Delivery

So my first week in OB is over. I get one day off a week so I am trying to enjoy it. Mr. thought it was tomorrow so he was going to get all this stuff done today so we could spend the day tomorrow together. The end result I am solo today :) but I kinda like it.

I am working at Parkland hospital where the most babies are born in the world. 1 in 24 texans and 1 in 250 new americans. We have mom's pushing in the hallways, when beds run out... (crazy).

so summary of the first week's thoughts:
the rotation is awesome. I feel so lucky to be able to watch, help with baby's being born everyday. But it is LONNNG hours. I don't know if I like the hospital dynamic as much as I thought I would.

Addison Montgomery is a superhero doctor because no one works emergently on Mothers and Babies. That is why you have OBGYN and Pediatrics (never thought about this). OBGYN's catch the baby and punt to Pediatrics. One of the scary intervals for me, I find myself holding my breath, is the time between that punt and when I hear the baby cry.

new skill - Knot tying. I have learned the two handed knot. Mr. (my eagle scout husband) calls it a lancet knot. I practice it all the time because I don't want to forget.
Looking forward to learning the one handed knot.

My verdict on the viability of Labor and Delivery as a post-PA school job option: I don't think so. It is cool to be able to say you helped 2 babies come into the world today, but it is hours of waiting and then seconds of terror. And the hours are so long.

What I have gotten to do/see: sew up a laceration, watch one vaginal delivery, 3 c-sections, watch and do ultrasounds, use some spanish

What I hope to do: cervical exams, catch a baby, use more spanish, tie a knot!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pre-Rotation Jitters

After some self-reflection I have realized my way of dealing with stressful,overwhelming things is to focus the majority of my worry on one small distinct entity. With rotations looming what am I most concerned about at this point? Long schedule? looking like a fool? know the burning questions are when am I going to eat, and what. I am a Faires. It is a valid concern I think getting up at 3:00 a.m. when does one have breakfast and what about coffee. But no reasonable person would be worring about this when there are bigger fish to fry! I just thought my way of dealing with this new stressor was interesting.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Days of Summer Vaca.

I went on a tour of the Labor and Delivery dept. at Parkland yesterday. My favorite parts?


The scrub machine! and


The newborn nursery!

I am very excited though the schedule affords me only one day off for three weeks and grueling early mornings (4:30am) and long days. Mr. and I were talking and I realized last night that there will be some days where we will not even see each other because he will have night classes and I will be in bed when he comes home. It is hard and overwhelming to anticipate the next year of rotations.

But I am trying to put that aside for today and enjoy my last days with Mr. and of freedom. First on the agenda deciding what I am going to do today.

Top of the list is to Read this book!

one for the money.jpg

I started it yesterday and it is awesome!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I married a Hoarder!

During my break one objective was to clean the house. That has not happened to the extent I would have liked but in an attempt to get back on track I seized a couple free moments we had last night to clear out Mr.'s fold out desk/bookcase.

Side note: I love getting a rise out of Mr. I can push his buttons and make him fly off the handle. Not angrily but I can make a normally monotone, mild mannered man become an arm flailing almost comical character. It makes me smile....

However, the attempt to clean out the drawers of T-shirts (The man has 30+) electric cords and computer accessories was met with... lets just say resistance? Some phrases I heard: "I need this." "I may use this one day." "We need to keep this box." "Let's just, put it in the attic." "I don't want to use this desk (in response to me saying I wanted to make the desk functional for him)"

I finally gave up. Surrendered to my husband with a laugh and the affirmation that yes I was put on this earth to make his life miserable!

It was a fun activity, and yes I did get some trash (Mr.'s treasures) thrown away, and yes I will go back in there today without him and throw even more away with the assurance that he will never remember he even had it in the first place!

Last night conversation:

Mr: What are you doing tomorrow just staying home?
Cynthia: Yea, I'm bored though.
Mr: Want to do something special tomorrow night? ... For our 3 mo Anniversary?
Cynthia: What? Anniversary? I forgot! (Before I could stop myself)

I have never yet remembered an Anniversary! But I'm glad Mr. remembers: Happy Day today!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures of a housewife!

This morning I was taking a shower and all of the sudden I got this feeling that I was not alone in the house. Freaky feeling but I shook it off and continued my lather rinse and repeat. All of a sudden there is movement in the bathroom and I see through the glazed glass of the bathroom shower door a black figure. I hold my breath thinking all I have in here to 'protect myself' is my Venus Razor.'

Then a smile spreads across my face as I scan the door and realize the figure though dark is only about 5 inches tall. My sister and Bro-n-Law's dog is staying with us. Unlike our dogs who are afraid they are going to get a bath if they come on the tiled floor of the bathroom, I recall, this dog loves the bathroom. Haha. Kinsley got my blood pumping for nothing! The dog featured below is my Bath Time Intruder!

In other news
A new song that my sister introduced me to is Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. I love the positive message!

Also Movie Recommendation: We went to see Dinner For Shmucks last night. I thought it was hilarious if you like Steve Carrell and can stand those times on The Office that are so awkward they make you squirm it is a great Date Night Laugh.