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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacationing to a place that feels like home.

This morning I am sitting on the deck by the little pond/waterfall area at our Inn. It is so cute. We are in Fayetteville, where I lived post college. Staying at James at the Mill. It is beautiful.

When Mr. wakes up we will go to the Fayetteville Farmers market and this lil place called the Little Bread Company. This is my idea (besides Anna Maria) of heaven.

Yesterday we went and walked around my Alma Mater John Brown University. It was important for me to show Mr. that place. A part of my history and where I came from. These things are special when you are married to a man who has not known you since forever. You get to share your older self with him. That is really what this weekend is all about. Fayetteville was somewhere I lived another lifetime ago. This is where I spend one of the best/hardest years of my life. Post-college, post-a long relationship that I was in. Figuring out how to live on my own, and how to be single. As we were leaving Siloam, he said, "I wish I had known you then." Simple words that affirmed to me I married the right man (a feeling a feel quite often).

This morning as I sit during the time that I would normally study (early saturday while Mr. is asleep). I want a devotional book, my tour with Mr. around JBU only hit home to me how much more intimate my relationship with God was then. Things have changed now but I know that is simply because I have taken several steps back in an attempt to "get things done." If you have any recommendations about good devotional books (wife directed or otherwise), I would greatly appreciate it. (that request is really the point of this post, it just took a little round about introduction!)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Siesta = Fiesta

I get precious little time off during the 36 months of PA school (Officially the end of didactic year!). Tomorrow begins my two weeks of summer break before rotations. During the break these are my plans:
  • Go to Fayetteville with the Hubby to show him the Farmer's Market, Willy D's, Dickson St, JBU, and secretly accomplish my plan of helping him fall in love with the place so we can move there!
  • Catch up on my thank you note writing at a fun coffee shop downtown I have been meaning to try
  • Shop! for new pants and shorts (I need pants that fit, I have been wearing my sis' pants because I haven't been shopping since I lost a lil weight)
  • Read!
  • visit my sis in her new Metropolis
  • be a better wife and actually cook B/L/D for my Mr.
  • Go to the Turbo Kick class at UTSW that I never get to attend Wed's at noon!
  • Hopefully get to spend some time with friends that live here in the Metroplex that I have been too busy to connect with lately!
So excited!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So I feel extra sensitive to criticism from Mr.'s family. Cousins and family members that I didn't know existed or that move 3-4 times a year who feel slighted because they have not met me or did not get an invitation to our wedding or reception. This is hard because I want to please and feel like I am setting out on the wrong foot with this family but it is not my fault. I just have to vent!!

Also, I feel like since I got married I have Martha Stewart syndrome. I just feel like I have to play perfect. Something I learned long ago I couldn't do, or at least couldn't happily do. But for some reason being married has made me feel compelled to try to achieve perfection again... I hate it.

sad times today. :(

Saturday, July 17, 2010


How's married life?

That has become the new salutation. So it has got me thinking....
People always offer the answer "not much different?"
But it actually has been. It has been so different being someone's wife. I am pretty independent, if I was to take a trip I go. If I want to but new shoes (in bone), I do. And now I feel the obligation to change. I inform Mr. that I am interested in going to so and so place and would he like to come. That I am buying some new shoes or should I save the money for the... future?

Different. Than I imagined. I guess I thought nothing would change but it is. I am assimilating into a new family and learning how to support Mr. and always think about what will be good for him.

A psych lecturer asked the question how do people learn to be Mothers, Wifes, ... etc. How to books sprang to my mind because I am an avid reader (i know it sounds dorky) of How to books. They are perfect for people like me who just need direction and instructions tell me how and I can do it. However, as I read articles and books I always think ... are they sure, what makes this person an expert. An article I read the other day was 10 things to do to avoid divorce. (in Real Simple) I was thinking just 10 things? are you sure your not missing some? I need a comprehensive guide. like the Harrison's of how to books. But I guess for now my answer is I will do the best I can.