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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Embriodery and Blogging

So i have taken up embriodery, and I cook and clean mostly just cook in my underwear late at night for enjoyment so I thought I need to balance those with some hobby that spinster women age 50+ don't do: like blogging, like my logic? I know I don't have the grammer or spelling or ability to turn a phrase but I am going to aspire anyway.

So what to say...

I wouldn't think to write on here what I write in my journal for obvious reasons (your reading this) but I think my entry from last night is censored and demure enough to go out the the masses (or just Linda!)

A guy I knew had a list of Jason's Rules to live by beside his bed. There were probably 75 things some as simple as Fish more, or Don't suck. A personal favorite. So i decided to start Cynthia's rules to live by:

1. Go with your gut
2. Do what you think don't let unaffected third parties judgement matter
3. Be nice, say what you mean, don't be snippy
4. Don't feel bad to be who you are
5. Don't be with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself
6. Always keep promises to yourself (borrowed)

I hope to be adding to the list and posting more even though I feel like blogging is kinda like sending your thoughts in a bottle into the ocean. Embriodery is just sewing.

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Stephany said...

This is great! I think maybe I'll write these things down to remember.