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Monday, December 13, 2010

Phone "Christmas" Tree

I love blogging and having my friends blog because it is a virtual way to catch up.

However, ! I miss talking on the phone with you (and you, and you). I am always jealous of Mr. because most of the people who are close to him are here within a 30 minute drive. All my friends are (successfully :) scattered all over the nation Arkansas, Nashville, Indiana. I would love to fly all over the country and see all of you for the holidays. Or better yet invite you all to fly in to an awesome party at my house! But we are not millionaires ... I know the holidays are hectic but I would love to just talk for a couple minutes and see what your year has been like and how you are doing. I understand that it may have to be after the new year!

That is what I have been thinking lately. I am going to attempt to call cause I would love to reconnect. That is my Christmas Wish!


Lauren said...

1. Thank you for messaging me today
2. You Christmas card is precious (sad we didn't send one out this year)
3. We will be in Longview from Dec. 21-Jan 3. maybe we can meet up at the outlets in Terrell

Jenny said...

Oooo! Can I come play too?!?!

Cynthia Lee said...

I will be in town for sure 21-25 and then I'm sure I will be back a couple days before the 3rd too just not sure about when at this time.

I would LOVE that!! Lets do it, you girls! Tell me what day would be best when it gets closer and you know more plans and I will try to make it work!!

Love both you girls