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Sunday, May 16, 2010


We are home and celebrating 6 days married. :)

William's Aunt Peggy asked me, "was it everything you imagined?" A pretty standard question but it caught me off guard. Thinking about it later I would have to say "No." I had scenarios in my head of how walking down the aisle was going to be and how looking at William for the first time was going to be and the Kiss. None of that was really 'like I imagined.' But there were unexpected, intensely special moments that I would have ever imagined as romantic and what would be the memorable parts of my wedding day. Like walking barefoot to the reception (unintentionally) and trying to hitch hike! (No one would pick us up!)

Will and I exchanged favorite parts of the day that night and he said seeing me walking down the aisle. I said, the two of us walking home from the reception: barefoot in the moonlight with our to go wine. I would have never imagined that would be my favorite part but like they say sometimes life isn't what you imagine it's better.

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