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Saturday, July 17, 2010


How's married life?

That has become the new salutation. So it has got me thinking....
People always offer the answer "not much different?"
But it actually has been. It has been so different being someone's wife. I am pretty independent, if I was to take a trip I go. If I want to but new shoes (in bone), I do. And now I feel the obligation to change. I inform Mr. that I am interested in going to so and so place and would he like to come. That I am buying some new shoes or should I save the money for the... future?

Different. Than I imagined. I guess I thought nothing would change but it is. I am assimilating into a new family and learning how to support Mr. and always think about what will be good for him.

A psych lecturer asked the question how do people learn to be Mothers, Wifes, ... etc. How to books sprang to my mind because I am an avid reader (i know it sounds dorky) of How to books. They are perfect for people like me who just need direction and instructions tell me how and I can do it. However, as I read articles and books I always think ... are they sure, what makes this person an expert. An article I read the other day was 10 things to do to avoid divorce. (in Real Simple) I was thinking just 10 things? are you sure your not missing some? I need a comprehensive guide. like the Harrison's of how to books. But I guess for now my answer is I will do the best I can.

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Lauren said...

I just read your comment on my post. And yes, it is very humbling, different, shocking and a little scary to realize what selfish creatures we are. I always thought that after saying "I do" we'd be two peas in a pod just living our little lives happily ever after and I wouldn't have to change a bit! I love Scott so much and am so happy to be his wife but still struggle with meeting his needs above my own. It is definitely a challenge that we work through together on CONSTANTLY, but the amazing part that I have come to realize is how much closer we have gotten in just two short years. And how even just the little experience we have has allowed us to learn how to complement each other in areas where the other may struggle.

Sorry to get wordy on you!! If you ever want to chat please feel free to call me. :) I love you dear and sure wish we could hang out now that we are all grown and married!