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Thursday, August 25, 2011

ER: PA school reflections

Mostly in the ER you see people on the worst day of their life. 
I put staples in a guy's head who woke up drunk in the ER and had no idea how he got there. 

I saw a guy who lost both his legs after being run over by a fork lift.

I had to tell a lady that for the fourth time she was having a miscarriage. 

Mostly in the ER you see people on the worst day of their life. 

I stitched up a 45 year old African American lady who had been in a car wreck. Her daughter had been driving and hit the brakes. The daughter was fine but my patient went into the windshield and we thought initially that her face was fractured. Luckily it was all just swelling and lacerations. I sewed up her lip and her hand. To pass the time, we talked about where I was from and where she grew up. A week later I heard "Dr. Longview" being called across the ER. There sat this beautiful lady in a white sundress. She had come back to have her stitches taken out. The swelling had gone down and I was able to see her pretty face. She told me thank you for talking to her and stitching her up so nicely. I couldn’t help it, tears started to well up. No one ever came back must less told me thanks before. It was so fulfilling to see someone look so much better, so much more whole and normal.  It was a wonderful experience and really helped my work in the ER come full circle. 

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jessicaaahhh said...

You are courageous for doing the work you do. I admire you. What an incredible perspective that kind of work gives you. It's good for us to be humbled by the fragility of life.