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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crock pot Cooking and meal planning

So you may have noticed lately the blog has been quiet. Living life has gotten in the way which is enough said right?? Anyway here is what I have been up to lately.

Job hunting, Thesis writing, getting graduated (Dec 11th!), Interviewing, Applying, Decorating for the holidays, gift buying (trying to get it done early!), did I mention JOB HUNTING.

Two new things that I have tried out on the home front are meal planning and crock pot recipes.

Meal Planning

When I am bored, I picture shop on pintrest. (Great site if you haven't joined but can take alot of time if you let it, like anything good!!) I love to find recipes on pintrest. I like my friend, Lauren's, philosophy on a great dish it must be easy, yummy, and not have too many ingredients!

My browsing on pintrest built up a list of recipes I was excited to make and try. Then on Saturday morning or sometimes Sunday when I sat down to meal plan I had a list of meals to add to favorites like homemade pizza and spaghetti that I know Mr. and I already love.

I always keep past meal plans so I have ideas and inspiration and with meal planning like everything else in my life I plan but try not to fret too much if things don't go as planned. I put down dishes I think would be great each night but if Mr. or I want to go out we do and I bump that meal back to the weekend or next week. If I want to switch nights on meals because I didn't do necessary prep or I want something easier one night (even though all my meals are relatively easy) I do. It has helped me focus on grocery shopping for items I need and we have had some yummy new dishes. Plus for me cooking new things is fun (when I am in the mood and have the ingredients).

When I first lived with Mr., I always felt like I had to make extravagant meals. I felt like the amount of time and energy I put into a meal showed him how much I loved and appreciated him. And while that can and is the case sometimes it is not an every night labor of love. Especially because I have a busy life see above. Even though my own mother said, "Why do you need a vacation... you don't work." Thanks mom. Love you!

On that note on to crock pot yumminess!

If you are looking for a great one for the Hubs, or if you are a carnivore at heart do this one! This was my first time making ribs ever (I had never even bought ribs) and it is pretty much a no fail recipe. Mr. loved it and now I have another recipe to add to the rotation that we love and is super easy!

This one I am trying tonight I will let you know how it goes!

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