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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend with the Sis and Bro-n-law

This weekend I went to Houston to spend some time with my sis and bro 'n law. It was the first solo trip I have taken in a while. I always forget how much I enjoy traveling solo. I traveled alot before I got married and while I immensely enjoy traveling with Mr., I also love setting out on my own for a weekend or a week with the gals!

Every weekend with my sis is a gluttonous weekend of girl time! Seriously. Here was the run down of the weekend.
Day 1: Arrive, go shopping. Home to watch Housewives!
Day 2: Breakfast, shopping, out to dinner (yummy Indian Food) and then dessert at The Chocolate Bar. The cake slice was literally enough for maybe 5 people!

Day 3: Get up for the 2nd or 3rd (lost count) trip to Nordstrom in as many days. Shop until we have literally dropped. (ie. there is no more room in my trunk for shopping bags) 

All in all a good weekend! Love you sis. Thanks for the hospitality. 

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Lindsey said...

Now I am hungry for cake...Thanks a lot!