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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok the kitchen still has ants... I am about to go postal with that whole thing. However the day is not a total lost. Much to my checkbooks despair I have been eating out like everymeal because I cannot stomach eating in the kitchen. HA. but I did try out Enstein Bros Bagels this morning. Delicious! It was breakfast and then lunch because that Bagel was filling! 

My first kiddo brought me starbucks! haha. Yum! 

So countdown till school starts? 6 days ahh! still not really excited about that but I am hoping I will be after our meet and greet on Friday. 

Good things about today so far:
-- Apple Crunch bagels 
--paying $3.45 for breakfast and Lunch
--having a male friend that will drive 45 mins to help you keep your sanity 
-- vanilla lattes
--free internet at work
--shopping trip to Nordstrom rack! (but not buying anything which at this point is even better!) 

I'll keep you posted! 

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