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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cadaver slides

So something sad occured to me today when we were looking at slides of brains in Neuro today. Those were people. It was a little creepy and emotional for a little bit. We saw a picture of a stroke patient's brain and this young woman's brain who had had an aneurysm and the Lecturer (nice guy) was talking about how they came in presenting certain symptoms and it was sad to know that he knew these people or at least had seen them before he saw the inside of them you know? 

It was weird and humbling that we get the opportunity to learn like this. 

Also, I am strangely calm I feel like compared to others in my class... I remember before in school being very high strung and I don't really have that battle now. I am glad and very content with where I am in life. It is a great feeling. Not to feel like I know it all but to feel calm and happy and not frantic all the time. 

On a side note my phone is dead. I will hopefully get a new one tonight so that I can rejoin the world of att but I am cool about that too. I once saw that as a lifeline... now I guess my comp and this wireless internet connection has taken my nokia's place. haha. 

I see Rach and linda in not very long! wohoo. Can't wait like 3 weeks! 

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Cynthia Lee said...

Also, if anyone is interested there is Brain cutting every Wednesday at 1. Ask me for details! :)