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Sunday, July 25, 2010


So I feel extra sensitive to criticism from Mr.'s family. Cousins and family members that I didn't know existed or that move 3-4 times a year who feel slighted because they have not met me or did not get an invitation to our wedding or reception. This is hard because I want to please and feel like I am setting out on the wrong foot with this family but it is not my fault. I just have to vent!!

Also, I feel like since I got married I have Martha Stewart syndrome. I just feel like I have to play perfect. Something I learned long ago I couldn't do, or at least couldn't happily do. But for some reason being married has made me feel compelled to try to achieve perfection again... I hate it.

sad times today. :(


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

That's pretty hard to deal with. I was worried about my family too since we had a pretty small wedding. Maybe you could set up an online album or something of the sort and send them a type of invite where they can 'share the moment'. Sometimes though, "least said, soonest mended" is the best way to go. That really stinks :(

I totally get the Martha Stewart feelings. Sometimes, I wonder if it's a little harder on us because we're doing things differently than the generation before us. I would LOVE to stay home and have a spotless house smelling like cookies all the time. It often makes me pretty grouchy because I can't. No words of wisdom how to get past it...because I haven't gotten there either. :(
If anything, maybe we can hang in there together.

-your fellow Mrs. Imperfection