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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacationing to a place that feels like home.

This morning I am sitting on the deck by the little pond/waterfall area at our Inn. It is so cute. We are in Fayetteville, where I lived post college. Staying at James at the Mill. It is beautiful.

When Mr. wakes up we will go to the Fayetteville Farmers market and this lil place called the Little Bread Company. This is my idea (besides Anna Maria) of heaven.

Yesterday we went and walked around my Alma Mater John Brown University. It was important for me to show Mr. that place. A part of my history and where I came from. These things are special when you are married to a man who has not known you since forever. You get to share your older self with him. That is really what this weekend is all about. Fayetteville was somewhere I lived another lifetime ago. This is where I spend one of the best/hardest years of my life. Post-college, post-a long relationship that I was in. Figuring out how to live on my own, and how to be single. As we were leaving Siloam, he said, "I wish I had known you then." Simple words that affirmed to me I married the right man (a feeling a feel quite often).

This morning as I sit during the time that I would normally study (early saturday while Mr. is asleep). I want a devotional book, my tour with Mr. around JBU only hit home to me how much more intimate my relationship with God was then. Things have changed now but I know that is simply because I have taken several steps back in an attempt to "get things done." If you have any recommendations about good devotional books (wife directed or otherwise), I would greatly appreciate it. (that request is really the point of this post, it just took a little round about introduction!)


Lauren said...

First, we should definitely exchange Thanksgiving menus/plans. My parents and Scott's Dad and sisters will be coming. I am excited and a little anxious.

Second, I love that Will wants to know the 'former' you. Good man. Sounds like you are having a great time touring the Fayetteville area.

Lastly, I don't have a devotion book for wives or for 365 days to recommend. But I have really enjoyed John MacArthur's books of the bible studies. He has individual studies for each book of the bible (i.e. Phillipians, Ephesians, etc.). I treated them like a daily devotional by doing a chapter a morning. It has really been insightful because I always found the bible intimidating. And he has great breakdowns of the verses and passages.

Ooops, my post is a little long. :) Enjoy your break from school!!

linda said...

So glad you got to go to Fayetteville! I'm glad that Will was able to enjoy it with you. Keep updating, I love knowing what's going on!