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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Labor and Delivery!

Well I have to post a lil blurb about finishing my OB rotation.
Looking back to my last post
"What I hope to do: cervical exams, catch a baby, use more spanish, tie a knot!"
I did get to catch several (4) babies, learn how to do cervical exams, use more spanish and I got to suture up a laceration and tie a two handed knot!

4/4 not a bad record.

I think the thing I learned most from my first rotation was the importance of taking a good history ie. listening to the pt and asking enough questions. You hear that if you spend enough time with the patient they will tell you what they have. I found it very hard but the one time I did do this with a patient it proved true.

This came after several blubbering awful attempts to get a history from a patient while I was in too big of a hurry, using vernacular that the patient did not understand and failing miserably at communicating with someone I spoke the same language as. (I won't bore you with the story but in short I spend 10 minutes with a patient asking any past illnesses, STDs.... before she told me in passing about her HIV status) You win some and you loose some.

Today I start Gyn - clinic hours! I am so happy. I start this afternoon so I will let you know how it goes!

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Lauren said...

4/4, that is awesome! What you are doing is just fascinating to me. :) So, how'd Gyn clinic go?!