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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Since I am on rotations I am blessed with a little more of a normal life schedule wise. For this rotation anyway! So I was inspired by Jenny Williams

Unlike Jen, my forte is crochet though so my latest project (I just bought the pattern) is to make a couple pairs of baby booties for a couple of friends who are expecting. I am not posting a picture from the pattern though for fear that will jinks me!

I am sure it will take me a couple of tries to get them as cute as the picture but they are little so how long could they possibly take! (knock on wood) At any rate I have about 7 months left til my friend's D day so I have enough time to perfect my booties!

Excited! Thanks Jen for the inspiration and being so crafty and ingenuitive. You inspire me to be a better housewife, crafter, health professional and person. Love you!


Jenny said...

I love you too! The booties will turn out great. I seriously start projects multiple times before they are correct...and then correctly finished. Hopefully one day I will get out of that habit. If you have time, maybe one Friday we can get together and work our yarn magic! Enjoy being creative and making something from your heart.


Lindsey said...

Hi! I finally took your advice and started blogging!