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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't cry over spilled... chicken

As you may have noticed, I am employing the use of my crock pot more often. I got up this am and put chicken with a little water to cook the chicken while I was a work. I am part of a meal registry for a friend who just had a baby and tonight is my night. I am making chicken spaghetti with pink sauce. So I wanted to have my chicken prepped beforehand to save with time. I came home and the chicken was perfect!! I took it out of the crock pot, shredded it, separated out bones and took the cutting board to pour the bones off. I turned -- holding the cutting board and -- (as if in slow motion) dropped all the chicken on the floor. AHHH panic, what to do. . .

I have a bag of chicken strips in the refridge left over from when my husband was here fending for himself while I was at Scott and White. So on with plan B; so much for preparation!

One meal has gone to the dogs... literally! They will eat well tonight.

So many times I feel like when I try to do things I want them to be ... perfect (stepford wives perfect). But it is not going to happen. I am me. Mr. will tell you I am the queen of making messes. Before something like this would have devastated me but this afternoon I rolled with the punches.
A triumph in the self improvement department. I still find it hard to shake that feeling that I need to be a stepford wife but today I am celebrating the small victories!

Does anyone else feel that pressure to be a stepford wife?? Please share your experiences and reflection on the subject.


Lindsey said...

No. I am perfect. Period.
What I find most interesting/difficult about being the "perfect wife" is realizing that that means two different things to me and the hubs. I may think the "perfect wife" would stay at home all day on her day off and make cookies and rent movies, etc. but he may want to go out.

Cynthia Lee said...

what a good point! Thanks for sharing!