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Friday, January 20, 2012

More Christmas Picts

 We just took the Christmas Tree down and stored the two huge bins and several ancillary boxes in the Garage (soon to be in their final resting place in the attic). But you probably know I love Christmas and I am thoroughly SAD to see it go into boxes. So I am attempting to prolong it a little longer on my blog with Christmas pictures. (I will not even promise that this is the last Christmas post): 

Here are more Christmas Picts that are too cute not to make it onto the blog. I am so late posting these. However, not too late considering that I still haven't sent out Christmas Cards... as you can tell they will probably be Valentine's cards. But lets face it our December was packed full this year (graduation, accepting my dream job, family, Certification test, south carolina for Mr.'s Family Christmas, Houston for our Fam Christmas, and prep for Indonesia)... something had to give. I fancy that a great problem to have! This is my gorgeous sis and Bro n law by our Christmas tree. They are going to make beautiful babies! 
 Mom, Sis and Bro n Law. 
 Me, Mr. and Mom

 Me and Mom after all the craziness when we could just go to Chuy's for some Mexican food and some much needed R &R. 

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