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Monday, January 16, 2012

Indonesia Trip!

The trip to Indonesia was 2 weeks of family, eating, and experiencing a culture that is 180 degrees different from our everyday. My sis and I have been going since my sis was 8 months old so we knew what we were in for. My brother in law and Mr. took everything in stride though and did a great job of assimilating into the culture evan though being "Orang Bulle" they stuck out and got lots of attention! 

Soo many stories so I just thought I would show a few of our pictures. 

Us at the Mud Volcano. This is a huge natural disaster caused by careless oil drilling. The mud has overtaken 5 villages and growing. I really wanted to jump in and play around... However, Mr. said that was not a good idea... I still don't see what the big deal was. 

Exploring the supermarket to get an upclose view of some of the different fruit in this part of the world. This is durian. We also tried Mangees, Salek, and Rambutan. Yummy weird different fruit. It is amazing the different fruit that grows in different parts of the world. 

My sis and I love to eat from food trucks like this one while we are in Indonesia. It is basically an all out assualt on your digestive system but it is part of the culture as these carts are everywhere and portable so that the owners can travel down the streets selling their dishes. Some of what we sampled included: Pachel a breakfast miz of peanut sauce, rice, and veggies, Chwemie which is noodles with dumplings, Sate, Mr's favorite, a chicken kabob with a sweet and peanutty sauce, and Soto ayam a soup of chicken rice and yumminess that is my sis's fav. 

This is us Jalan Jalan (walking) down Telamoyo the street where my mom grew up. 

This is the group outside the van/public transport bus that we caught a ride home on one day. 

We went to a spa one day. I did not give my bro in law a foot massage. He got one from a trained professional. 

This is a bacha. A traditional taxi. This is us hijacking one!! 

This is an entire cart full of krupuk, an indonesia chip made out of fish or shrimp. They are really yummy. The seller drives around selling these to pedestrians on the street. 
 This is Mr. at a 900 year old Hindi Temple that we went to tour at Blitar. 

Sis and Bro posing at the Temple. 

The group of us along with some family in front of the building that my uncle is a professor. My mom lectured while we were there to Master's and PhD engineers about Lean manufacturing. 

Family in front of my grandma's house.

Bro n law and I in Singapore trying the Singapore Sling.

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Jenny said...

Looks like an amazing trip! Glad you made it home safe!