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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ryla Training 2012

10 years ago I went to RYLA as a Camper. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Award and it is a weekend of teambuilding, high and low ropes course events, camping, cold, new friends, uncomfortableness, and being completely alive and happy. I went away from my Ryla experience with the knowledge that I could do things I did not think I could and now ten years later as a camp facilitator I get to give other High School Juniors that same experience! Totally siked. My Sis (who went to RYLA too) went with me and we spent the weekend training, Tune in in a month for the actual camp experience.
 This is a pic of my awesome sis and a friend and fellow facilitator climbing the Giant's ladder. 8 or 9 rungs high and the rungs get progressively wider as you ascend four stories in the sky.

 This is my sis when she and her partner made it to the top rung! (Her partner had already belayed to the ground.)
 This is another high course event. The Pamper Pole you scale it and jump off! This is "Number two" (that's the ryla name of my awesome teammate!)
 Me and the sis posing for a pic.
My sis is in the middle in action belaying a person on their team.

A great weekend and so glad that we could go back and give back.

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