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Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures of a housewife!

This morning I was taking a shower and all of the sudden I got this feeling that I was not alone in the house. Freaky feeling but I shook it off and continued my lather rinse and repeat. All of a sudden there is movement in the bathroom and I see through the glazed glass of the bathroom shower door a black figure. I hold my breath thinking all I have in here to 'protect myself' is my Venus Razor.'

Then a smile spreads across my face as I scan the door and realize the figure though dark is only about 5 inches tall. My sister and Bro-n-Law's dog is staying with us. Unlike our dogs who are afraid they are going to get a bath if they come on the tiled floor of the bathroom, I recall, this dog loves the bathroom. Haha. Kinsley got my blood pumping for nothing! The dog featured below is my Bath Time Intruder!

In other news
A new song that my sister introduced me to is Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. I love the positive message!

Also Movie Recommendation: We went to see Dinner For Shmucks last night. I thought it was hilarious if you like Steve Carrell and can stand those times on The Office that are so awkward they make you squirm it is a great Date Night Laugh.


Jenny said...

Ferocious! I thought you were going to say it was your hubby! That still happens to me on occasion...and he STILL laughs when I scream bloody murder.

Lauren said...

Yep, I still get freaked out and jump...I ask Scott to make himself known when entering. :)

By the way, Cynthia, thanks for the coupon sites! I, too have never couponed and frankly find it intimidating but it really would be great to save!! I shall browse the sites. :)