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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I married a Hoarder!

During my break one objective was to clean the house. That has not happened to the extent I would have liked but in an attempt to get back on track I seized a couple free moments we had last night to clear out Mr.'s fold out desk/bookcase.

Side note: I love getting a rise out of Mr. I can push his buttons and make him fly off the handle. Not angrily but I can make a normally monotone, mild mannered man become an arm flailing almost comical character. It makes me smile....

However, the attempt to clean out the drawers of T-shirts (The man has 30+) electric cords and computer accessories was met with... lets just say resistance? Some phrases I heard: "I need this." "I may use this one day." "We need to keep this box." "Let's just, put it in the attic." "I don't want to use this desk (in response to me saying I wanted to make the desk functional for him)"

I finally gave up. Surrendered to my husband with a laugh and the affirmation that yes I was put on this earth to make his life miserable!

It was a fun activity, and yes I did get some trash (Mr.'s treasures) thrown away, and yes I will go back in there today without him and throw even more away with the assurance that he will never remember he even had it in the first place!

Last night conversation:

Mr: What are you doing tomorrow just staying home?
Cynthia: Yea, I'm bored though.
Mr: Want to do something special tomorrow night? ... For our 3 mo Anniversary?
Cynthia: What? Anniversary? I forgot! (Before I could stop myself)

I have never yet remembered an Anniversary! But I'm glad Mr. remembers: Happy Day today!


Jenny said...

I cleaned out Darren's closet recently. Who knew a man could have so many pairs of cargo shorts......

Cynthia Lee said...

Do you guys have two closets? That is my dream one day. We have four closets in the house (they are all full!) but only one in our bedroom that we share. We were watching a home improvement show and talking about what we want in our next house and Will was like my own closet. I was like AMEN!