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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Babies

We have two dogs. Dillinger aka. Booger a Shi Tzu and JoJo aka, the nibbler, a Pitbull (who got his nickname as a result of countless pairs of heels lost :(. They are the old couple for sure. Both were rescue dogs and they are the loves of our life. I have heard before you have children your dogs are your children and that is the case with us. They are so spoiled.

-Jojo and Dillinger both sleep in our bedroom with us because we couldn't bear the thought of making them sleep outside or heaven forbid in the garage in their crates. Dillinger sleeps in our bed sometimes and I thought Jojo should have that option too because it would be unfair otherwise. But Mr. put his foot down. As a result Jojo is content to sleep at the foot of the bed.
-Jojo is our alarm and wake us up at all hours of the night to go see what is in the backyard (couldn't miss the action out there)
-Both get jealous when they are not the complete focus of our attention. ie. when we are studying, sitting on the couch talking.

But we love em!

We almost lost Dillinger last friday night. She got out during the first Rangers vs. Yankees game (we living literally in front of the ballpark) We searched and searched for her. I was so scared she would get run over with all the cars trying to leave in the dark after the game. Finally after hours of searching we found her and brought her home safe and sound.

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Lindsey said...

We are so glad you found her!