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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk er Treat!

Halloween was always my favorite holiday as a kid. My mom would ask us months in advance and she would handmake our costumes. We were awesome things like Disney princesses with custom made gowns. It makes me sad when people say that Halloween is a pagan thing that Christian children shouldn't celebrate because to me Halloween was about dressing up and getting candy by the handfuls.

Our church this year asked us to do a Trunk for their Trunk 'r Treat festival. I wanted to post ideas on the blog because their weren't alot of ideas when I went looking.

Our Theme was Dr. Frankenstein's Lab! I was Dr. Frankenstein, and Mr. was my Monster.

We had lots of hidden little funny things like we put a miniature pumpkin in a cage and said we shrunk it in our lab. We also took leftover wine bottles and labeled with "Fresh Squeezed Beetlejuice" and "Poison Ivy."

We had a can of squash relish that looked kinda weird and we labeled that "Lunch 1912"

Here is a picture of Mr. and Dillinger. We should have decked her out in a costume ... next year! We took her along because we thought she would enjoy the activity, Jo Jo was jealous but he was too big!

Halloween Fun!

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