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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick Day

I never know when I should (rightfully) succumb to my illnesses and call in sick. The people pleaser in me just makes it two (read too) hard. But when you wake up and can hardly talk and just think well I guess I can spend the whole day studying instead of going to the office that is sick! and pathetic.

I hate staying home. The walls start to close in ... so inevitably I will leave the house which I feel is a strict violation of the sick day privileges. Also, I try to be productive, clean, do errands I need to do on a business day and then my "day of rest" turns into a more busy day than if I had just gone to work.

Also, what is the sick day supposed to accomplish. I try to think well thoughts but inevitably the virus/or bacterial in this case illness will probably just run isn't 7-10 day course (I am on day 7 today so here's to hoping 7 day course!).

What I loved was sick days when you are little and that means all day with mom being pampered and watching TV and eating liquid things... As an adult it means you are woken up by your alarm clock which you put on snooze every 10 minutes because you are in too much of a haze to turn it to dismiss, then your husband calls to see how you are and you can barely form words (this is common every day before I have had my coffee but with this sore throat I am even more indistinguishable.) Then you get up put on dress clothes and psych yourself up for another day until... All the head congestion hits and you look at the clock and realize you have snoozed one two (read too.. I'm sick give me a couple typos!) many times and you should be there now. O well change into PJ's and succumb to the beginning of a marvelous sick day. Which must begin with a blog post!


Lindsey said...

Feel better sicky. I wish I could be there to take care of you, but I am glad that I'm not because you would probably snot all over me and I would get grossed out.

In short, miss you, feel better!

Jenny said...

We talked about this at work today. Why is it that health care professionals feel guilty when we call in to work sick?! It's so terrible. You wanna just sit and enjoy your day..but you feel guilty thinking of everything that you should be doing at work/home and as you said, feel like you escape from prison if you leave the house. I wish I could feel giddy about skipping work like I used to feel about skipping class. Feel better hon!