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Thursday, October 28, 2010


So I'm officially a housewife... in the sense that I am in desperate need of a man to bail me out of a situation!

I am getting ready to go have lunch with a friend. We have two bathrooms at our house and normally my getting ready regimen involves walking between the two because the one in the master is where I shower and the guest is where I have all my girly getting ready for the day stuff is. All the stuff Mr. doesn't tolerate making his manly bathroom cluttered. That's all well and good except when. . . I lock myself out of the guest bathroom. The knob is finicky and sometimes it just shuts and locks a freaking scary feeling when you are inside and a major inconvenience when you are outside. Mr. knows the magical gestures/incantations to make the door open but I have never paid any attention, actually most of the time I just say an expletive under my breath and wait until he gets home to fix it. But today I am in desperate need of DEODORANT and eye makeup to make up for the fact that I look like a zombie. A hair product would be nice but at this point I just want sweat protection!! aww. I put out an email for help. Too ashamed to call and have one of his co-workers hear him explaining to me how to open the door. Plan B if he doesn't answer is to take a bobby pin to the lock but I just don't want to jam it (I have had this experience with handcuffs... no S&M stuff I promise just your everyday run in with handcuffs... that is a story for another blog post. anyway) aww.... I can feel myself starting to sweat. I need deodorant *contemplates using Mr.'s what the Hell I will give plan B a try....

Presto Chango--- It worked I am in to the land of pink and purple and Chi and blush. Thank you bobby pin! I am not the desperate housewife I am MacGyver in training. Anyway gotta go ...T-32 minutes till lunch date.

Tune in next time for adventures in Cynthia land. hehe. Love you guys!

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