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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review/Reflection: Portia de Rossi's Unbearable Lightness

I have been so eager to read this book. I reserved it at the Library. Waited two months. (not an easy thing for me) Started reading it in the parking lot of the library and finished it less than 24 hours later. I devoured this book.

In this book, Portia chronicle's her struggle with weight, self esteem, and food that becomes so overwhelming it almost overtakes her. The book is so raw and real. Portia takes you into her mind and into her secret rituals and you see her day to day dealing with insecurities.

Before this book, I had seen Portia only on Arrested Development. Even on the sitcom, you can see she is a complex person with layers who is very witty and intelligent.

I love the way she ends the book (the epilogue), I want a sequel so I can continue to read about her life and the person she is now. The book is beautiful. If you have ever struggled with weight, calorie counting, exercise, self hate, bad self talk. Read this book. You will be engrossed and challenged.

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Lauren said...

Thanks for the review. I believe I will be reading that in the nearnear future.