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Saturday, April 30, 2011


This evening Mr. and I experimented and made calzones! As it was our first time we still have kinks to iron out but I thought I would give you guys a look see anyway! We made the dough in our breadmaker but I encourage you (if you don't have a bread maker) to try handmade dough there are a ton of easy recipes and I think the only thing you probably don't have that is required is yeast. I went ahead and invested in a jar of yeast and keep it in the refridge that way when it comes to things like dough for pizza you are set! 

We split the dough in two and added Italian herbs, tomato sauce (we used left over sauce we had, for this you don't need much at all! a couple tablespoons will work) (in retrospect wait on the sauce), and put the dough in the oven to cook. My fear is if we didn't do this the inside dough would not get done. This made it a little hard to fold in half after adding the toppings though so again I think next time we will just fill at this step and see if the dough cooks the whole way through. 

After cooking in the oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. We added our toppings hamburger (all ready browned and seasoned), cheese, sausage (already browned), and pepperoni. We returned our calzones to the oven to brown for 10 minutes.

The finished product was yummy, though even though we still have tweeks to work out. 

Only one white spaghetti strapped shirt was hurt in the making of this recipe (Tomato sauce splash!)

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Jenny said...

I ALWAYS seem to get tomato sauce on my white shirts! Those look yummy!