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Monday, April 18, 2011

"That's Life" in the burbs

How did this happen. I used to live in a chic lil Oak Lawn (if you are not familiar with the Dallas area read Downtown) apartment. Since meeting and marrying Mr. now I live in the burbs. We gained a dog, huge backyard and medium size front yard and a whole lot of love! Before you get too jealous think about the fact that with that comes ... Yardwork!

This weekend.... was a whirlwind of yardwork and dog care. The hedges and yard definitely needed some tender loving care. So Saturday we set to making the front of our house less of a jungle and more fit for the neighborhood! You know you live in the suburbs when your neighbors make subtle comments about the state of your yard! Now the:

--yard is mowed front and back
--hedges are trimmed
--dogs are walked, washed, and have new collars (pictures to follow... they had to go back because both collars were the wrong size!)
--my car is washed and thoroughly cleaned inside. It looks like a new car!

I made the mistake of saying to Mr. (my slavedriver husband) during our walk on Sunday. "Man, we did so much work this weekend." To which he just replied. "That's Life, babe."

This is me midway through my hedge trimming job!

This is Jo Jo sprawled out after his walk! 

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