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Thursday, April 14, 2011


My Sis is my best friend. As my lil sister I feel like she grew up in my shadow and it wasn't until college that she grew into her own. I have no problem saying the roles of sisterdoom have now reversed.  Man did she grow into her own! The freespirit has always been there but now I see she is so strong and determined.

I'm sorry I locked you out of the house when we were little and you got stung by a wasp.
I'm sorry I punched you in the face for the basketball,
and hit you in the head with a baseball.

After all that is a amazing you still turned out as pretty and smart as you are now!


Lindsey said...

You forgot to mention the time that you gave me lice and the time that you hit me in the face with an oven mitt when we had chicken pox and now I have a scar.

But I forgive you. <3

Cynthia Lee said...

You have a scar from chicken pox because you have no self control. (I think)

But yes the lice thing is true.

Ashlee said...

My sister trapped me under a laundry basket, threw a blanket over it, sat on top of it, and threatened to beat me if I said anything when mom came in to look for me.

We somehow managed to work through that...