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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The curious incident of the dog in the Night: a Review

This is a truly amazing book. It is written from the perspective of a boy with autism. The book is about his struggles with school and family. It really gives you a view inside the mind of someone with autism. It was brilliantly written and very eye opening. Loved this book!


tremily said...

I read this one awhile back and really enjoyed it too. A unique point of view.

{Rach} said...

SO glad that you liked it!

Cynthia Lee said...

Emily - What compelled you to read the book? Do you have any book recommendations?? I am always looking for more.

Rach- Thanks for the recommendation, if you are the Rach I am thinking you are! And if so welcome to the Blogosphere now all you need is your own page ... hehe love you