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Friday, April 8, 2011

Water for Elephants: A review/reflection

This is an interesting, creative story of the circus adventures of a young man told from the perspective of his nursing home self years later.

The circus adventures are cool and obviously keep the story interesting. However, I (maybe my healthcare/psychology perspective is behind this) was more intrigued by the old man's perception of himself and his surroundings. I thought this book was an interesting look into Alzhiemers (it is never mentioned that that is what he has... but of course it wouldn't be). I think it is a beautiful story of healthcare/the aged/growing old/caring for the elderly with respect and compassion. That is what I was left thinking about after I turned the last page.


Ashlee said...

I've been considering reading it, but I have this obstinate streak in me that becomes less likely to read/watch/do something if it becomes really popular. I suspect this is keeping me from enjoying some exceptional pieces of literature...but I just can't help myself. This may also explain why I just reviewed a book on my blog that came out 11 years ago.

I may have to rely on some of your reviews to decide if I should read some of the more recent releases.

Lauren said...

Very interesting to read your perception of the book. I just saw that they are making a movie based on the book...I'm thinking I will read it then go see the movie. I always enjoy comparing. :)

Cynthia Lee said...

Lauren, great talking to you tonight. I have never been able to read a book and watch a movie and compare the two. You are so scholarly that you do that! hehe love you