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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Dresses...

I'm not getting married again but who doesn't want to pretend! hehe. Acutally when I was single my dad loved to embarrass me in front of new friends with a story (all my own fault really). Years before I met Mr. when I was just a happy go lucky single girl with stars in my eyes (or whatever you are in your early twenties). Some friends of mine had this routine we would do when we wanted to have a good time on a Saturday afternoon it involved a walmart ring and ... a good story.

We would go to Wedding dress stores, pretending to be the bride to be (we would take turns) and the other girls were the adoring bridesmaids! We had made up grooms names and stories of the proposal. (this is pathetic ... I know, read on). Of course you have to fill out the ocassional form (these stores are getting thorough). But when It was my turn I wasn't fazed ... I didn't even realize I was filling out a contest form (I have to stop now and say I never win anything...) Well you can see where this is going. Me and my (made up) fiancee ended up winning a honeymoon package... which I never redeemed because we had to have our forms of ID which was fine for me but not for ... Taylor Mason... Oops.

Anyway Flash forward to when I am not pretending but actually getting married. Here were some of my runner ups. None of these were the ones. But dress shopping for real was super fun.

Actually dress shopping was not super fun (looking back without the rose colored glasses). I left the first place a went to crying because they said I was had no time to order any of the dresses in their shop. So I bought 7 dresses (whopping credit card charge!) from J. Crew and had them all shipped to me. I transformed my spare room into a dress shop and that is how I picked! (By the way I was able to return all 6 of the other dresses to J.Crew). I loved my interaction with them. Acutally they sent my a $25 gift card to buy something for the honeymoon trip from J.Crew. As well as having wedding coordinates I could talk to and email with. Wonderful!

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Lindsey said...

Just in time for the Royal Wedding!