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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sometimes the best things in life are free, and unplanned, and come in suntanned packages. This is the case with my Roomie. We met in college, were roommates then and have been since. Some, well a precious few relationships are easy, comfortable, and never get old, pretentious, or anything.

Roomie and I are Yin and Yang. We are far from the same but We balance.

Roomie and I have been flashed. I've seen her vomit over the balcony after a night of drunken scrabble. (maybe that was revealing too much). In short I love her. Not in the lesbian way, although at one point while being roommates we were mistaken as such... I love the person she is. Uncompromising, original, artistic, creative, compassionate, loving, caring, introspective, strong, resilient. She teaches me to value art and creativity in its various forms, to be thrifty, to look inward and reflect, to be real, to feel, to enjoy life for just what it is today. I miss you roomie.  I love you. I think of you often, always fondly, and more often as the weather turns warmer and more comfortable to sit on porches and ponder life over a glass of wine. 

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linda said...

i look so tan in the wii pictures! yay guate! i love you cynthia! thank you for your so-so-so-so kind words. looking forward to another night on a porch, sitting and sipping [hopefully sooner rather than later].