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Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day!

Today I woke up with a spring in my step. I didn't get up in time to see the ceremony ... I had the alarm set but I am not a morning person these days. But I caught them online. I did get up in time to see the kiss ... es.

I greeted Mr. with a joyous "Happy Royal Wedding Day!" and he in his scrooge stride said "Cynthia, we don't even know these people!" (ba humbug)

I already called and had a phone conference with my sis and mom about ... what else the dress! Now I am pondering why are all the XX chromosomes around the world caught up in today?

Maybe it is because it is the fairytale, what we grow up hearing, fantazising and dreaming about. True love, princes and princesses, no expense spared cutom made ball gowns. We look back and remeber or fantasize about how our days will one day be.

Nothing too philosophical here simply saying, I love to celebrate. What a great day!

And wasn't the dress a masterpiece! But more than that I was struck by Kate's radiant smile, it brought me back to my day. I have said it before I love weddings because it reminds me of my day, how happy, perfect, beautiful, wonderful that day was when I married my prince!


Ashlee said...

Totally with you. I couldn't get up to watch it because I knew I'd be dragging at school all day, but I listened to commentary on the way to work today (and snuck in some pictures during my planning period). I have to agree w/you on the dress; it was absolutely beautiful--made me want a dress w/sleeves (WHAT!). But, as I told Clint, I think I liked her sister's bridesmaid dress almost as much as that one. It was gorgeous!

Lindsey said...

I agree about Pippa's dress. I want one just like it (but not white) to wear the next time I have a formal event to go to...which will be like never, but still...I will wear it around my house on Tuesdays or something.

Jenny said...

I woke up to watch it!! Crazy...but I had to be at work at 7 anyway. I LOVED her dress and was totally in love with the lace sleeves. Again, I agree about Pippa's dress. The lace inside the cowl neck was absolutely lovely. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was so crazy about it! I drove Darren crazy!