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Monday, April 4, 2011

My mom

This post is a tribute to my mom. She along with my sis have become my best friends since college. I talk to her about everything, it is really wonderful to have a sounding board who knows you... and I mean KNOWS you like only a mom can.

She is my rock, my compass. I love you mom


Lindsey said...


linda said...

aww cynth i love it :)

Lauren said...

very sweet. you three are beautiful

Ashlee said...

I know this isn't quite relevant, but have you noticed that Mr. looks like an enigmatic, faceless mystery man if you just check out your blog. His back is always to the camera...random, but I just noticed that.

Cynthia Lee said...

Thanks gals! I loved this post too!

Ash, that is on purpose. The blog is my space, I didn’t ask Mr. if he wanted his life posted on the Internet. He reads it daily and (I think) approves. But I think he likes his blog persona as my Mr. hehe. But yes, astute observation!