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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Decorative Onsie with Bootie Ruffles!

One reason I love blogging is all the ideas that I get from other blogs. Here is one example.
I saw this super cute idea on a precious baby crafting blog. and I was inspired.

I used this tutorial on an amazing blog that I frequently read, to create the look I wanted for baby Bryant. Well we all know by now Mr. is the one who really does the sewing but anyway!

This is from the back of the onsie. So Baby Bryant's cute lil rearend will be all fluffy with ruffles.

and a close up!!

I think the idea is super cute. Even though I wouldn't say this onsie turned out perfect, I think it was a decent first attempt.

By the way you can use the linked tutorial to add ruffles to just about anything! Some thoughts I had were pillows, shirts, and curtains. I am excited to try more. If you guys try any please let me know!!

Happy Saturday and thanks for reading.

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