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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I sponsor a compassion child from Malang, Indonesia.  I give through Compassion International.

It is really a wonderful organization. I visited my Compassion child a couple years after I started sponsoring her. I learned that the money I give goes to her after school program that feeds her and the other children who do not have sponsors yet. Also, the money provides teachers who mentor, help my compassion child with her homework, make sure she gets to the doctor if she is sick (she has asthma), and teach her about Jesus.

My compassion child is a teenager now! A teenager! Cannot believe it. We are going to Indonesia again this Jan and I am going to get to see her again. Only our second time to meet.

I autodraft the $38 dollars from my bank account every month so most of the time I forget that I "do" this. Except that there is a picture on my refridge of my Compassion child and I get letters frequently from her. I am not faithful in writing to her but I think of her often and wonderful if she is healthy and happy.

To me this has been a sort of Tithe. I shared this with you so that if you need a Tithe you would maybe consider Compassion. They do good work!

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