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Friday, April 1, 2011

Christmas in ... April

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the wreaths, the Christmas trees both real and synthetic (because that is all we could have growing up because my mom is super allergic), the traditions. But I also love the feeling of Christmas. To me it feels warm and smells like evergreen and cranberries. (does cranberry have a smell? well maybe what I visually think about is cranberries...) anyway.

As I have become an adult and gotten married, I love Christmas even more. Growing up I had to shuttle back and forth for Christmas (court ordered ... bummer for real!) anyway. As an adult I get to pick where I get to go for Christmas and I have a whole new family (Mr.'s) to experience new Christmas traditions with. I love Christmas.

Yesterday in the shower, I played my Christmas mix and pretended it was Christmas time, early December lets say when all the craziness of the season has not yet set in. I know it is ridiculous but it was a happy fantasy.

funny aside:
I went ballistic at the after Christmas sales this past Jan. I bought so much loot we couldn't fit it all in the car to take home, I had to make two trips. Mr. doesn't know... he wasn't there... He is a scrooge of the first order and he is going to go stark raving mad when he sees/experiences/has to put up and take down "Whimsical Christmas 2011" at the Griffith Residence. OMG badness is going to ensue. hehe. I am excited!

semi serious aside but still funny:
Sometimes I do things just to insight my husband (as I'm sure every good wife sometimes does) I think it is good for my mostly passive husband to occasionally get his blood pumping and work himself into a moderately uncontrolled tizzy. (disclaimer: if you haven't met Mr. this is not your normal mad yelling husband scenario, this is a much more comical "UGGGG I'm so angry" scene! which maybe come late November I will capture on hidden video and post for the blogosphere to experience! hehe)

Thanks for reading and Have a good day friends.


Jenny said...

I can't wait! :D

Lauren said...

You are too funny!! And now I am anticipating Christmas 2011 in the Griffith household. :)

Lindsey said...

Whimsical Christmas 2011!!! I can't wait. :)